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C H A R L E V I L L E M U S K E T K I T Special ... - Dixie Gun Works
1766 CHARLEVILLE MUSKET & KIT: The Model 1766 Charleville is based on the first regulation French military musket — the so-called model of 1717. . wire inlay, set triggers, how to make a cleaning worm, sharpen tools, tune a lock and .

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My .75 "Brown Bess" Flintlock Musket - YouTube
May 6, 2011 . This is my Short Land Pattern Musket that I built from a Pedersoli kit in 2000. . Long Land Pattern Muskets until french aid was given in the form of the .69 Charleville Musket. . Plus smoothbores are so much easier to clean!

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War of 1812
As the British and the superior Royal Navy sought to stem the French advance through. Europe after 1792 . This 1795 model U.S. flintlock musket copied the French Charleville 1763 model used by . for cleaning the artillery pieces? touchholes. . medical kit from the Sheffield, England firm of Hague and Nowill. Hamilton .

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Field Gear from Avalon Forge
French short canteen specifications for the PETIT BIDON can be found on the internet. . on Brown Bess Muskets, steel matches the French Charleville patterns. . MUSKET CLEANING KIT - A very useful item to help clean muskets in the .

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1777 Charleville Musket - Jedediah Starr Trading Co. On Line Store
1777 Charleville Musket. . Cleaning Supplies/Chemicals . 1777 Charleville is representative of the arms used by the infantry during the French Revolution.

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Flintlock Muskets, Supplied By The Possible Shop
1766 CHARLEVILLE. By - Pedersoli. In 1763 France adopted a new infantry musket, more strong than the previous one, to answer the needs of an accelerated .

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Najecki Reproductions (Musket Tools and Parts)
8/8" for Brown Bess or Charleville muskets (1" wide x 7/8"~1-1/8" long). 7/8" for . Great for compressing springs when cleaning the lock. . Paul recently acquired the stock of parts and kits from the family of the late Ed Woodland. . cannisters, shoes from France, and hemp webbing shoulder carriages for the cartridge boxes.

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Black powder pedersoli rifles - Forbes Wholesale
The kit version is supplied with metallic nails to create drawings referred, for instance to . Faithful reproduction of the famous French flintlock musket, modified and adopted on the 9th . Springfield 1795. Inspired by the Charleville Mod.1763 musket, it was the first military gun . Cleaning & Loading Set For .38. U336-45a .

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The flintlock musket was possibly one of the most common weapons used during this time period. . The French Charleville (also military surplus), which is a 69- caliber weapon, is 59 . One other item I consider essential is a good cleaning kit .

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Green River Rifle Works Australia
Green River Rifle Works provides a complete range of new, secondhand and . France who produced very fine Trade Guns for the French Government to be .

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Click on the Blue Lot Numbers to see Photos of ... - Simpson Auctions
SxS, a rare Lee-Enfield No4 Mk1(T) Sniper Rifle with case, a Swedish . Charleville Flintlock Pistol, tapered white 7.5” steel barrel, brass action . 7.65mm FRENCH LONG . Model 745, 8-sht, 127mm bbl, blued slide, stnls frame, checker walnut grips, adj rear sight, thumb safety, cw/bx, xtra mag, manual, clean kit, etc.

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USA $$ Prices... click here - Loyalist Arms & Repairs
Popular Muskets & Rifles · Custom Firearms · Handguns .