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Hoodlum Script - Drew's Script-O-Rama
Illinois said that Dutch Schultz put six of your men on the slab in Harlem Hospital. Oui. . My name is Bumpy Johnson. Bumpy? Your momma named you Bumpy? What you gonna . We hear this guy's a real tornado. Hey, Bub . I just want you to know that from now on you won't have no more trouble out of Illinois Gordon!

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Name the Movie - Fun Facts and Information
When Bumpy Johnson was released from prison he went to visit his cousin, Illinois Gordon. At the time, Illinois was busy with Bigfoot, a.k.a. Miss Mary. In what .

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Hoodlum | Trailer and Cast - Yahoo! Movies
Story begins as Bumby Johnson is released from Sing Sing and returns to Harlem where he . It is not long before Schultz and Johnson are head to head, the former a psychopath and . Illinois Gordon . overall real good movie classic gangsta movie the storyline all the way to the finish is real good bumpy johnson …more» .

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Show #162 of Reeling: The Movie Review Show with Robin and ...
It's 1934 Harlem and Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson is fresh out of Sing Sing. . Fishburne, as Bumpy, has real charisma and is believable as the ambitious, yet . as Bumpy's best friend, Illinois Gordon, flesh out the supporting and background .

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We're All Just Killing Each Other - Video
Sep 7, 2012 . From the movie Hoodlum - Illinois Gordon (Chi McBride) tries to explain to Bumpy Johnson (Laurence Fishburne) that they're being .

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Who Was The 1930s Racketeer `Bumpy' Johnson? -
Aug 27, 1997 . In Harlem, Ellsworth Raymond ``Bumpy'' Johnson was The Man. . Illinois Gordon, portrayed as a close friend in the film, and Francine Hughes, .

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Hoodlum (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The film concentrated on Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson (Laurence Fishburne), Dutch Schultz (Tim Roth), and Lucky Luciano (Andy García). . Johnson returns to Harlem and reunites with friends, most notably Illinois Gordon. Johnson is quickly .

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Eliot Ness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Eliot Ness was born April 19, 1903 in Chicago, Illinois. . was a more reliable source and only included the real events that Ness experienced during his career .

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Cicely Tyson Movies
Tyson got her first real break in 1963, playing a secretary to George C. Scott on the . Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson (Laurence Fishburne) is an African-American ex-con . Bumpy's old friend Illinois Gordon (Chi McBride) gently expresses his .

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Laurence Fishburne - News
Bringing Johnson to life is the film's chief distinction. . (Tim Roth) and Bumpy Johnson (Laurence Fishburne), a real-life gangster who fought to maintain control of Harlem's . Bumpy Johnson Laurence Fishburne . Illinois Gordon Chi McBride .

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Shaft 1-Sheet : 1-Sheet Poster, Movie Poster, Stills, Press Kits
Joel Freeman produced and Gordon Parks directed the screenplay by Ernest . private detective whom director Gordon Parks describes as "dealing with real things, in real . says Arnold, "That'Il give you time to eat your watermelon and greens. . I played the Jack Johnson role in 'The Great White Hope' in Philadelphia just .

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Every Month Is Black History Month: Bumpy Johnson: The Real ...
Feb 17, 2008 . Bumpy Johnson: The Real American Gangster . Pics: first section includes Bumpy Johnson and his wife (now 93 years old), Mayme Johnson.