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Green Presidents - Environmental Presidents - The Daily Green
In response to the 1973 OPEC oil embargo, President Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) created the Department of Energy in 1977, with a key goal being the .

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Beat 100 mpg - JPods, Sustainable Infrastructure
Current infrastructure is the cause of Peak Oil and Global Warming. . The deficit from the 1973 Oil Embargo is likely overstated. . Beat 100 mpg or 5X CAFE .

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Gasoline and Oil
After the Arab oil embargo, we made some changes. In 1973, we generated more than 20 percent of our electric power with oil; now it's less than 2 percent.

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OPEC OIL EMBARGO: An entry from Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of ...
OPEC OIL EMBARGO: An entry from Gale's Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic . OPEC OIL EMBARGO On October 17, 1973, Arab oil producers declared an .

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Energy Strategy | RenewablesBiz
Mar 6, 2012 . Prior to 1973, the value of energy efficiency was not widely recognized. . peaked in the early 1970s and OPEC imposed its oil embargo in 1973. . http://www. .

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Oil's Rising Baseline - Casey Research
Sep 4, 2012 . The 1973 crisis was the beginning of oil's rising baseline. . to produce the audio collection and have them available as CDs and MP3 files, .

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EconDebates - Oligopoly
. and Conservation Act in December 1975 in response to the 1973-74 oil embargo. . oil. Should Napster and similar MP3 distribution mechanisms be banned?

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The Big Apple: “Let the bastards freeze in the dark” & “Drive 80 mph ...
Jul 6, 2008 . The 1973 oil crisis began on October 17, 1973, when the members of Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC, consisting .

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Oil Crises: Information from
The Arab-Israeli War of 1973 contributed to the first oil crisis. After Egypt and Syria attacked Israel in October and the United States came to Israel's aid, oil .

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US rule set to slash cars' fuel use - Democratic Underground
At a time when oil prices have been rising, and fuel costs are putting increasing . things to mpg which need a sizable pool of numbers to be accurate). . We " heard" of the 1973 oil embargo for by 1973 we were importing .

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NRDC: Press Release - First Half of 2012 Sets MPG Record for ...
Jul 26, 2012. shift from a pattern going back to the 1973 Arab oil embargo where . http:// .

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Government sets strict fuel-economy goal of 54.5 by 2025 - ABC News
Aug 29, 2012 . The 1975 Energy Policy Conservation Act, passed in reaction to U.S. gasoline shortages during the 1973 Arab oil embargo, meanwhile set the .